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Here’s what caught our eyes this week:

Why Electric Planes are Coming Soon – a Business Case

Electric Planes are well-suited for short-haul flights.

When he breaks down the numbers it’s a reasonably compelling case for why electric planes could carve out market share on select routes.

The author’s profitability assumption is highly dependent on government subsidies. It looks like these subsidies are calculated to keep routes open, not let airlines earn big profits. As a fiscal hawk, I would hope the subsidies would drop as airline profits rose.

How to Hedge Against Inflation

“Beyond keeping your lifestyle inflation under control an increasing your pay, the best way to hedge against rising prices is to stay invested in the stock market. That’s not the sexy inflation hedge most people are looking for but it’s probably the easiest answer.”

“Now you could make the claim that periods like 1966-1981 show why the stock market isn’t always your best bet. When inflation ran the hottest over a long stretch, the stock market failed to keep up. But it’s because of periods like this that you have to stay invested.”

– From 1966-1981 equity investors lost 35% in real terms.

“There’s only one guaranteed way to lose money to inflation- don’t invest your savings at all.”

I love this quote.

Economic Opportunity Scores from McKinsey

I came across this and thought it was pretty interesting because it seems to run contrary to many narratives I hear. In some ways, this echo’s last week’s Bill Maher clip.

Instead of bashing the media or taking this in a divisive direction, AND keeping the spirit of July 4th close to heart, I think the message here is a positive one.

Ripping on America and pointing out our imperfections has become a fashionable exercise in faux intellectualism. But what do the data say?

This chart still strongly supports the idea that America remains a land of opportunity

Almost every demographic and income level has a positive outlook.

Black men and Black women are more optimistic than their White counterparts at every income level.

First generation immigrants are solidly optimistic at all income levels.

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