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By Stephen Mitchell

How Clients' Money Scripts Predict Their Financial Behaviors

How Clients’ Money Scripts Predict Their Financial Behaviors | Financial Planning Association

“Money scripts” are subconscious beliefs people have about money that were developed in childhood and help drive adult financial decisions.

  • Another way to think about it is asking yourself was there ever a rule or phrase your parents or grandparents said to you when you were a kid that stuck with you throughout your life? Those are your personal money scripts.

There are four different categories of money scripts, the first three which have found to have negative impacts on financial behavior:

  • Money Avoidance – Believing that money is bad or that one does not deserve money. Money can serve as a source of fear or anxiety.
  • Money Worship – Money worshipers are convinced that the key to happiness and the solution to every problem is to have more money. They also believe that one can never have enough money, nor be able to afford the things they want.
  • Money Status – People with money status scripts believe they are only as successful as the amount of money they earn. They may pretend to have more money than they do and overspend in an effort to give people the impression that they are wealthy.
  • Money Vigilance – Being alert, watchful, and concerned about your financial welfare. Believing it is important to save and to work for the money you have. Vigilance is a protective factor and is the one category that leaves people better off financially.

Clients will be better off financially if they develop an awareness of their automatic thoughts around money. The article also notes that clinical trials have shown financial therapy sessions designed to change money script patterns have helped develop improvements in financial behaviors.

Feel free to check out the questionnaire at the end of the article to see what money scripts you might display!

NASA Is About to Deliberately Crash the DART Probe Into an Asteroid: What to Know

The DART Mission: Why NASA Crashed a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid Today

NASA has built a probe the size of a golf cart to test our planetary defense against asteroids

  • The DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) probe will crash into Dimorphos, a small asteroid about the size of the Washington monument orbiting a larger half-mile wide asteroid named Didymos, redirecting its orbit around the larger asteroid by a fraction of a percent

Mission Specs

  • The DART probe is pretty cheap, hovering at a cost of just over $300 million as its fate makes adding more bells and whistles impractical
  • A smaller probe called a cubesat will detach from the DART probe 10 days before impact and will pass by the site, taking pictures where the probe crash site

The Probe, which launched from Earth in November 2021, will be no more after the end of the week as it will complete its mission and tell all of us if we have a viable defense strategy for earth.

Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues

Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues |

China has been dealing with a severe drought that is causing all sorts of problems to their energy, food supply, and shipping

  • At a key monitoring level the river is 6 meters (almost 20 feet!) lower than average

One cool story that has developed is the now record low river has revealed ancient Buddhist relics believed to be 600 years old!

  • Even though they are carved into rocks, it is still impressive they have lasted this long
  • They are still in relatively good shape and reveal a unique look into the past
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